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3230093 Zamak 2 Layered Gems Long Necklace *Last Piece
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3230093 Zamak 2 Layered Gems Long Necklace *Last Piece

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Color : Silver

Made in Turkey

Zamak is an alloy of four metals (zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper). His name is the product of the combination of his initials. The final result is a hard and resistant material with the ability to chromate or paint it. Currently, it is very fashionable in costume jewelery.

Unlike some metal alloys, Zamac provides some hypoallergenic properties due to its purity. It generally does not cause a skin rash when perspiration occurs. Zamac is designed for people with sensitive skin. It is a reliable alloy that keeps your skin clean and healthy without having allergy symptoms.

Due to the aging, beads made from this alloy may lose their luster or darken when exposed to air or light, or even due to the skin’s own pH. However, good care of the parts will ensure a beautiful appearance for a long time.
There are different methods to clean Zamak. In addition, we must be aware about not using certain products, such as chemicals or acids. You should also avoid spraying them with perfumes or colognes, as well as rubbing with creams, since these products erode the bathroom making the bead lose its shine.

As we said, there are several methods to clean parts made with this material. Below we detail the different options:

This option consists of mixing white vinegar with water or soap with a neutral pH (they have little lime, and lack of aroma and color). We dip a sponge in the mixture and clean the pieces gently.

If the Zamak had stains we can also use baking soda and with a chamois like that to clean the lenses of the glasses we would rub gently.
Finally, we dry the pieces with a dry cloth and the pieces will be like new.

This option is about mixing a glass of hot or warm water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and another of white detergent. We remove without getting bubbles. This mixture can be sprayed onto the Zamak trinket and gently rubbed with a cloth.

Since the Zamak contains a silver plating, we can use it to clean the pieces, metal cleaning suede or wipes to clean the silver.
In addition, they will restore shine and ensure deep cleaning, in addition to adding long-lasting protection.

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